Comfortable city for life
113,2 km2 - city ​​square
372 k. people - city ​​population
1363 year - the first written mention of Vinnytsia
Vinnytsia was recognized six times as the most comfortable city for living, for the first time, in 2013, the Focus magazine declared Vinnytsia the leader of the rating "The best cities for life". In 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, Vinnytsia headed a similar rating from the "Rating" sociological group, according to the results of IRI - the International Republican Institute research.
Significant personnel potential
114 176 - the labor power potential of the city (people aged from 15 to 35), 54% which are women, and 46% are men.
More than 45 thousand students obtain education in educational institutions of Vinnytsia.
11 educational institutions of I-II levels of accreditation;
14 educational institutions of the highest accreditation level;
4 of which have the status of a national university, and
1 have the status of a state university;
9 vocational schools.
Vinnytsia region is among the TOP-10 regions of Ukraine with the best business climate (according to the Kyiv International Economic Forum 2017).
Reliable business partner
1 Place
in the rating Regional Doing Business
24 hours
time of registration of business for individual entrepreneurs
1 Place
in the rating of transparency of the Ukrainian investment sector
Two industrial parks have been set up in Vinnytsia: Vinnytsia industrial park with an area of ​​60.7 hectares, and an industrial park "Vinnytsia cluster of refrigeration engineering" with an area of ​​19.3 hectares.
Rating «invА+»                       «High investment attractiveness» in ratings of IBI-Rating
Rating «uaА»                                         «High creditworthiness» in ratings of IBI-Rating
$115,9 M           The volume of foreign direct investment by 2017 (80% from EU countries)
Has increased by 36% Volume of capital investments for the period from 2015 to 2017
International airport "Vinnytsia" (IATA:VIN, ICAO:UKWW)
Located in the center of Ukraine, located 7.5 km east from the railway station Vinnytsia, has a runway 2500x42 m with solid coverage and is able to serve aircraft of the index 6 (six) and below (A320, B737, TU-154 , Yak-42, SAAB-340 and others) in the areas of communication between airports of Ukraine, Europe and the Middle East.
100k passengers per year - bandwidth
Connects 3000 airports in 80 cities, in 40 countries around the world
1 place on the dynamics of passenger traffic among small airports in Ukraine in 2017 (up to 100 thousand passengers per year)
Railway junction
Public transport
One of the best examples of public transport is tram, trolleybus and bus
Cycling tracks
Vinnytsia - a city that tries to live in harmony with the environment
502 units - the total number of public transport of the city
194M persons per year - passenger traffic
67 city ​​routes
55 km – total length of bicycle paths in the city
According to the Cycling Development Program in Vinnytsia for 2013-2020, it is planned to extend its length to 85 km
We invite you to cooperate in realization of joint investment initiatives!
Serhii Morhunov
Mayor of Vinnitsa
Vinnytsia is a modern city, the economy of which is developing dynamically. The city has long industrial traditions, a powerful educational base, scientific schools that work in the field of information technology, engineering, medicine. Vinnytsia is characterized by an advantageous geographical location, which is one of its key competitive advantages. During the period of independence, the city's economy significantly transformed: there was a structural shift from the mechanical engineering, electronic and chemical industries to the food industry, trade and services. In recent years, the city authorities have been actively working on attracting investment and developing the industrial sector. The investment passport will be interesting and useful for private investors, representatives of foreign companies, citizens of the city and Ukraine.