Vinnytsia is a modern city, the economy of which is developing dynamically. The city has long industrial traditions, a powerful educational base, scientific schools that work in the field of information technology, engineering, medicine.

Food Industry
Biotechnology and pharmacy
Light industry
Computer engineering, IT
Creative industries

Vinnytsia for a long time is a city in which successfully developing branch of mechanical engineering. The contents of a wide range of products from electrodes for welding to the latest refrigeration equipment. The geography of trade in goods manufactured by the industry extends from the United States to China. The developmental pledge has the following sub-sectors:
• refrigeration equipment and equipment;
• electronics and electrical engineering;
• instrument making.

According to the direction of “Engineering” in Vinnytsia, approximately 1200 specialists are issued annually, which is a significant advantage for further industry development, and provision of local enterprises qualified and competent workforce.

The volume of sales of products related to the field of machine building in 2018 amounted to 1,274,505.7 thousand UAH, representing 4.1% of the total sales in the city.

Today, in the field of mechanical engineering, Vinnytsia, the following companies work: Green Co Ltd (UBC Group), SE Electric Systems (Delphi Joint Venture Ukroboronprom), PJSC Vinnytsia Mayak Plant, PlasmaTek PJSC, PromAvtomatikaVinnytsia Ltd., Vinnytsia Pneumatics Plant.

Due to the advantageous location in the center of a large agricultural region, Vinnytsia is an important center of the food industry. The main “smart” specialization of the city waswhen – the production of food products, which meet the world’s standards of quality. This sector represents 50% of the total industrial production of the city.

The volume of sales of products related to the industry of the food industry in 2018 amounted to 16 562 511.2 thousand UAH, which represents 52.6% of the total sales in the city.

The Vinnytsia region is a leader in the cultivation of many types of agricultural crops, and one of aybilsh favorable regions dlyavyroschuvannya agri-business products. In the field of agricultural land management, the land is 76. In the city, 10,000 students study in the food-processing industry. Today, the following companies work in the industry of china industry in the city of Vinnytsia: Roshen, ViOil, Agrana Fruit, VHS, AVIS, Vinnytsia Fruit Factory concentrates of wines, Hlibprom.

Biotechnology and pharmacy are one of the sectors with the most favorable conditions for growth in Vinnytsia. As a result, this branch of the economy shows a rapid development.

The rapid development of the field of biotechnology and pharmacy of the city is caused by the academic factor, namely the powerful educational sector of the city. He is represented by the Vinnytsia National Medical University. E. Pirogov and Vinnitsa Medical College them. acad. D.K. Zabolotny where future highly skilled biotech and pharmaceutical companies are trained.

In 2018, the volume of sales of products related to the field of biotechnology and pharmacy amounted to 712,480.2 thousand UAH, which represents 2.3% of the total sales in the city.

In the city, at the medical university there are 8 scientific laboratories where more than 100 scientific clinical trials were conducted over the last 5 years.

Today, the following companies operate in the field of biotechnology and pharmacy in Vinnytsia: City companies – Sperko Ukraine, Trade House “ENZIM”.


The production of the textile industry in Vinnytsia is in demand and exported to Europe and many other countries.

The volume of sales of light industry products in 2018 amounted to 214 518.2 thousand UAH, which represents 0.7% of the total sales in the city.

The development of light industry in Vinnytsia is supported by vocational schools, which are conducting a course on cooperation with enterprises in the preparation of training programs adapted to the needs of the market and in order to be able to provide the industry with skilled personnel.

In 9 Vinnytsia vocational schools there are 6,089 students. Today in the field of light industry of Vinnytsia there are the following companies: PJSC “VOLODARKA”, Closed Joint-Stock Company “Vinnichanka”, TPV “SEVEN FACTORY “Sewing factory Podillya”, VF” Dynamo “.

The number of IT companies in the city is growing rapidly, as the industry is constantly supported by an increasing number of IT talent.

Due to this, Vinnytsia is one of the most promising Ukrainian cities in terms of hosting IT companies. The IT sector is constantly supported by a set of talent, every year local universities produce over 700 qualified, ready-to-work professionals in this profession.

In addition, the size of the market, which already works over 2 thousand. The man, representing 2% of the total Ukrainian market, also provides the opportunity to find experienced information technology specialists.

Additionally, it should be noted that for the number of IT-specialists of Vinnytsia take 6th place among all the cities of Ukraine, which without a doubt is a significant indicator.

The indicator that the city interested in the development of this industry is that according to the analysis of the NGO “PodilskyAgency of Regional Development” and “OPORA”, Vinnytsia is one of the leaders of Ukraine in the implementation of e-government tools.

Today in the IT industry of the city of Vinnytsia labor The following companies are: EPAM, Ciclum, Sigma Software, Playtika, UA, AstoundCommerce, Onseo, CoreValue, Delphi Software.

This trend is becoming increasingly evolving within the site, the current state of the formation of creative industries indicates their urban orientation and clustermodel of the organization – IT sphere, art, education, design.

At the same time, in Vinnitsa, not yet created a complete infrastructure of creative industries, although activelydeveloping a variety of organizational creativebudges: coworkings , workshops, incubators, laboratories andclarters. These new spaces make it possible for a large number of people to productively implement and develop their own talents and creative abilities.

The city is already working on the formation of a fully-fledged infrastructure of creative industries – derived from individual creativity, skills and talents, and have potential for welfare creation and creation of workplaces through the generation and economic implementation of intellectual objects.

The city has already been created: the HUB “City of Content”, the creative space “iHUB”, Creative space Artinov, creative space “CHERDAK”, Youth Center “Kvadrat”.

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