Person Who Will Register The Company
Особа яка бажає розпочати діяльність в індустріальному парку

Documentation of foreigners

1Border crossing - registration on customs
  • Result:
  • Received Visa
2Searching for accomodation
  • Result:
  • Registration of place of residence for receiving of temporal accomodation permission
3State migration service
  • Result:
  • Receiving of temporal accomodation permission
4Center for administative services support
  • Result:
  • Stamp about registrated place of residence
5State fiscal service
  • Result:
  • Individual tax number

Registration of the company

1Decision about foundation of company
  • Result:
  • Charter
  • Minutes of General Meeting
  • Order on appointment of director
2Decision about registration
  • Result:
  • Application for registration
3State registration procedure
  • Result:
  • Extract from United State Register
  • Description from state Registrar about date and time of documents, received from him, and about access code
  • Registered Charter
  • Assigned code from State Enterprise Register
  • Registration in Statistics Agency
4Registration in State Tax Office
  • Result:
  • Registration as payer of single social fee
  • Registration as Value-added tax payer
5Signet production
  • Result:
  • Certified Signet
6Openness of bank account
  • Result:
  • Opened bank account