Yevhenii Shulhin

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Israel-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

I am lucky enough to come to Vinnytsia quite often. My business partners and friends live here. The delegation of the Israel-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and Industry arrived here for a working visit in May this year. First of all, I would like to note that Vinnytsia is developing dynamically. Beyond question, the city has a strong education and scientific base, and is a bearer of industrial traditions. However, even more efforts Vinnytsia makes to become a modern city with all the trends of a smart city with high investment attractiveness, developed high-tech sector and trade.

The leader in the ranking of residents’ satisfaction with city services, repeatedly the most comfortable city for life in Ukraine, and other achievements confirm success in the development and efficiency of the city authorities’ work. It is also important to note that in Vinnytsia, innovations are developing not only within the framework of a free market, but also at the municipal level, in particular, I would like to mention the Center of Administrative Services Transparent Office and Vinnytsia Municipal Innovation Center. It is known that a huge innovation park is also in plans for the construction on the municipal funds. All of these steps will enable the city to be on the brink of major global trends, where key concepts currently are “transparency”, “digitalization”, “innovation”, “smart technology”, “hi-tech” and “investment”. The Israel-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is clearly interested in expanding the bilateral partnership between Israel and Ukraine in general, including Vinnytsia.

We set ourselves ambitious goals: increasing the investment attractiveness of Ukraine, establishing quality contacts and exchanging experience at the governmental and business levels between the two countries. In these areas, we hope to enlist the support of Vinnytsia municipality. It is important to note that the first steps have already been taken: in May this year, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Israel-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Vinnytsia City Council.

Also in the process of active development, there is a catalog of enterprises of Vinnytsia and the region, which will be distributed among Israeli business establishment. The plans include conducting bilateral visits, conferences, round tables with representatives of business and the municipality on an ongoing basis. As we see, the foundation is laid. We very much hope that Vinnytsia will continue to grow rapidly, and we as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry are prepared to contribute in every way to the city and its business within our competencies.

Sergey Shakalov

Director of the KNESS company

Vinnytsa is our home. This is a city in which the vast majority of our employees grew, learned and gained experience. Over the past 10 years, KNESS Group has grown from a consulting firm to a group of companies that cover the full range of solar power plants in Ukraine – from design to production of components. And all this thanks to a powerful team of professionals who are keen to develop, change and improve. In this Vinnytsia is very close to us. This is a young, promising and truly European city that is rapidly growing, gaining investment attractiveness. Today, KNESS has offices in Kyiv and Kherson, and a pool of constructed facilities contains about 50 solar power plants (475 MW) in nine regions of Ukraine. However, KNESS central office and all production facilities are located in Vinnitsa. In 2015, we launched our first production plant, the KNESS Product, which manufactures metal constructions and electrical equipment for renewable energy and distribution networks. In 2016, they set up a serial production of inverter equipment, which, as of May, was manufactured and installed 480 MW. And in February 2019, the launch of the first Ukrainian industrial production of solar panels – the KNESS PV plant. Throughout the time, we have always felt the support of the local authorities and we are confident in the success of the future cooperation.

HEAD Int. GmbH

We chose Vinnytsia not only because of significant competitive advantages among other Ukrainian cities and the world. For us, our key criteria were proximity to Western Europe and the competitiveness of human capital. We also felt excellent cooperation with local authorities. From the very beginning of our cooperation, until now we receive all the necessary help and advice.

Ponomarchuk Victor

The founder and chairman of the board of directors of the industrial group ViOil

Our company began to work in the early 90’s. Vioil, the first in Ukraine, began to produce rapeseed oil. Today we are the world leader in the production of sunflower oil and export it to dozens of countries around the world. I believed in this business and was sure, in my choice, to build it in Vinnytsia. Here there was and is support for power and economic security. And in Vinnichan special energy. Our employees are not inferior to specialists from other countries of the world in terms of knowledge and willingness to work, but on the contrary they are ahead of them in terms of flexibility and adaptation to situations. The enterprise develops and continues to increase its own capacity. In view of decentralization, it is nice to see that the taxes that go to the city budget are spent on the development of infrastructure and the urban environment. The comfort of the city’s citizens, including our employees, is constantly rising.

Myslyvyy Petro

General Director of Agrana Fruit

AGRANA FRUIT LTD. Ukraine has been operating in the fertile areas of Vinnytsia for more than 20 years. The main areas of activity of the enterprise are: processing of fruits and vegetables, production of frozen, aseptic products and fruit fillers. Located in the center of Ukraine, Vinnytsia is well suited for the company’s business, since almost all traditional Ukrainian cultures are grown in the region, and delivery of goods by road is not burdensome. During the years of Agran Fruit Ukraine has established effective mutually beneficial partnerships with local farmers and cooperative farms, and the progressive leadership of the city and oblast creates comfortable conditions for work and development, always paying attention to business needs. The city where we work is rapidly developing is very creative and comfortable, so everything that we do here brings pleasure and joy.

Humenny Igor

Founder and president of UBC Group

Among the Ukrainian cities, Vinnytsia is the closest to the European standards. In 2014, when we searched for a location for a new company, visited Lviv, Lutsk, Zhytomyr and Cherkasy. Arriving with an investment proposal to Vinnytsia, Mayor Sergei Morgunov and his then deputy Valery Korovoy did not leave us a chance. We have received maximum assistance from buying land to resolving all formalities. The local authorities made every effort to choose Vinnytsia. Now we have launched the first line of production. It is worth noting that the Vinnytsia people are hard-working and open. I myself came from with. Dyakivtsi, Litinsky district. We have a lot of plans, among them to develop our Vinnitsa enterprise.

Hunder Andriy

President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine

Vinnytsa is a really wonderful example of how the investment attracted. The main thing is communication and confidence building. This can be seen in concrete examples of which companies are already working here. If they ask them how they are here, and they will say that everything is super, then it gives credence to what other companies can enter. I think it’s really important to show them on the examples, to tell, because it’s really better to see them than to listen to promises. Therefore, I think that Vinnytsa is now on the right track and I think that after today’s event, we will bring these messages to other investors and companies. I’m really very impressed with what I see today.

Tischenko Alexander

Delphi Executive Director

Delphi saw ten locations for doing business in Ukraine. Among them everyone has chosen Vinnytsia. At the first meeting of city mayor Sergey Morgunov and the head of the regional state administration, Valery Korovia, they were the only front, the only team and very well presented the region. Vinnytsia citizens are positive and persistent. It is immediately noticeable and noted by all the investors of the city. Young people come to work as ordinary employees, and in a year or two they become leaders and manage a team of 200-300 people. They have a longing for life and development. Vinnytsia is a bright and welcoming city with beautifully lit streets, modern and convenient city transport and lots of entertainment and nutrition facilities. In winter, snow is removed on the roads and sidewalks even at night, so that everything was clean in the morning. This is a sign that local authorities are really concerned about citizens. This is a European approach to city management.

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