Vinnytsia Innovation and Technology Park “Crystal”


Project overview
Description of the project
The creation of the Vinnytsia Innovation Technology Park “Crystal” is a solution aimed at enhancing local business and developing the innovative economy in the region. Vinnytsia should create a unique solution that combines the potential benefits and resources available in the city to create new opportunities for businesses, authorities and residents of the city.
Project objectives
  • Development of new technological solutions;
  • Reengineering and creating their own innovative solutions;
  • Incubation and scaling startups;
  • Creating new jobs;
  • Modernization and transformation of educational services, by creating a site and a material base for research and joint projects.
Location and infrastructure
Vinnytsia, st. 600th Anniversary, 21
  • The total area is 8 500 m2;
  • Number of employees in offices – 500 persons;
  • Types of meeting rooms: recipes, lounge-snow, room co-working, meeting rooms, conference room, cafe, food court, Fab Lab room, IT room;
  • Adjacent area is about 4 370 m2;
  • Car parcing for 41 parking spaces;
  • Fast charging stations for 6 electric car.
Project cost EUR 6.3 million. The need is EUR 4.9 million


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