The management company of the Vinnytsia Industrial Park has been selected

The managing company of the Vinnytsia Industrial Park, 
under the terms of participation in the open tender, 
became Uparks LLC, with which the relevant 
contract was signed today.
On the territory of the industrial park, Uparks LLC plans to create the first unique AGRO-FOOD-TECH industrial park (industrial 
technopark) in Ukraine. It is expected that it will become an industrial area that will provide agricultural producers with a material 
and technical base for deep processing, storage, transportation and sale of agricultural products with added value.
According to the business plan of the Vinnytsia Industrial Park, the participants of the park will implement a portfolio of investment projects
with a total value of  3 billion UAH and over 2,000 new jobs will be created.
It is assumed that the first productions on the territory of the Vinnytsia Industrial Park will start in the second half of 2023.
Uparks LLC specializes in the management of industrial parks and is engaged in their development. The management company plans to make 
Vinnytsia Industrial Park the all-Ukrainian flagship of a network of new-generation industrial parks with a focus on the food industry 
and innovation.
The Vinnytsia City Council will continue to work on equipping the area with the necessary engineering and transport infrastructure to the 
boundaries of the industrial park (electricity supply - 5 MW, water supply - 600 cubic meters per hour, drainage - 400 cubic meters per hour, 
gas supply - 700 cubic meters per hour, works on the construction of access roads are underway).
Thanks to the initiated cooperation between the initiator of the creation of the industrial park, the Vinnytsia City Council, and the 
management company Uparks LLC, a new point of economic growth will be created in the territory of the Vinnytsia region, which will 
improve the situation on the labor market and increase revenues to the budgets of all levels.

We believe in our Victory and in the development of the economic front!