VinIndustry: signed a contract with the management company of the fourth industrial park in Vinnytsia

In Vinnytsia, a contract was signed on the creation and operation of the industrial park “VinIndustry” between the initiator of the creation of this park – the Vinnytsia City Council and the managing company of the “Vinnytsia Fund of Municipal Investments” MCP.
Vinnytsia continues to lead among other cities of Ukraine in the high level of development of industry and trade. Actually, the development of industrial parks in this  direction plays a key role.
So far, memorandums of cooperation have already been signed with four potential participants of the park, who are ready to completely fill the territory with production and storage facilities. These are enterprises such as “Firewood” LLC, “Smart Line” LLC, “Wizardi” LLC, and “BaDM” LLC.