Construction of overpass


Project description The project solves the existing problem of transport links between two districts separated by a railway, with constructing an overpass
Project goals
– the appearance in the city the second connection from the eastern part of the city with the center of Vinnytsia;
– development of transport infrastructure and public transport system;
– unloading the traffic flow of the central part of the city;
– creation of potential for brownfield development and revitalization;
– ecological effect.
Specification The length of the road is 1126 m.
The total length of the building is 627 m.
Throughput capacity – 300 units of transport per hour.
Investment needs
Amount and type
58,7 million euros.
The concession agreement is possible.
Тhe term of the project implementation
30 months.
Payback period
Infrastructure object.
The possibility of introducing a fare.
Vinnytsia, the overpass connects the Academica Yangelia st. and Levka Lukianenka st.


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