Humennyi Ihor

Among the Ukrainian cities, Vinnytsia is the most approximated to European standards. In 2014, when we were searching for a location for a new company, we visited Lviv, Lutsk, Zhytomyr and Cherkassy. When we ariived with an investment proposal to Vinnytsia, Mayor Sergei Morgunov and Valeriy Koroviy who was his deputy then did not leave us a chance. We received maximum assistance, from buying land to resolving all formalities. The local authorities made all efforts to make us choose Vinnytsya. Now we have launched the first line of production. We need to notice that Vinnytsia people are hard-working and open. My hometown is Dyakivtsi, Litinsky district. We have a lot of plans, among them to develop our Vinnitsa enterprise.