Ponomarchuk Viktor

Our company began to work at 90’s. Vioil was the first in Ukraine who began to produce rapeseed oil. Today we are the world leader in production of sunflower oil and export it to dozens of countries around the world. I believed in this business from the start and I was sure, in my choice, to build it in Vinnytsia. There was and it is still maintenance of city autorities and economic security here. And also it is special energy in Vinnytsia people. Our employees, with their knowledge and willingness to work, are not inferior to specialists from other countries of the world, and in terms of flexibility and adaptation to situations they are even ahead. The enterprise develops and continues to increase its own capacity. In view of decentralization, it is nice to see that taxes that go to the city budget are spent on the development of infrastructure and the urban environment. The comfort of the city’s citizens, including our employees, is constantly rising.