Serhii Shakalov

Why Vinnytsia? This is the hometown for the co-founders of KNESS. We started 12 years ago here in Vinnytsia. In 2009, we established a design and consulting company in the energy sector, which had about 10 employees. In 10 years we have grown to an international group of companies that covers the entire cycle of clean electricity supply: from the design and construction of solar power plants, to the manufacture of equipment, service, innovation in our R&D Center, supply and trading of electricity. Today we have more than 1000 employees. We act accordingly with our common values ​​and vision of the future. And the foundation of this future is renewable energy. Any difficulties or crises have not changed and will not change our direction, because it is not based on profit, but on a common philosophy and worldview.

We are now in the international market, creating new technologies that make the world safer and more comfortable, and offering solutions that make these technologies accessible to everyone. And we plan to scale further. All in order to promote the decarbonization of the energy sector, to build a new energy architecture of the city, country and world.

We believe that Vinnytsia is a perfect place to do business in Ukraine. After all, the Vinnytsia City Council, from its side, supports system-forming and socially oriented businesses.