Conditions to Provide Electric Power Have Been Created in Vinnytsia Industrial Park


Development of the territory within the industrial parks continues in Vinnytsia. Road construction and infrastructure development are underway here. In previous years, water supply and sewerage networks were built. This year, the electric substation was put into operation. New enterprises that will be built and developed in this area will be able to receive electric power from this substation.

Vinnytsia Industrial Park which is located in Vinnytsia, Nemyrivske shose str., 213, is a point of industrial growth for the city. Therefore, the community is interested in the quality implementation of all investment projects. In order to ensure the investment attractiveness of the Park and turn it into the “investment magnet” the active development of engineering communications has begun last year.

“The priority measures implemented by Vinnytsia City Council are to ensure unimpeded access for all investors of the industrial parks of the city to the necessary infrastructure. That is why the access roads are being built, water supply and sewerage are being provided (almost 7 km of water supply and sewerage networks have been already laid on Nemyrivske shose str.), power cable line with a length of almost 2.5 km was laid, a 10 kV transformer substation TP 986 with a design capacity of 5 MW was put into operation. Also the design and estimate documentation was prepared, there were carried out the examination of the construction of the Park’s fence, construction of the parking. Adjustment of the design and estimate documentation to ensure gas supply is made, the project of adjust the detailed plan of the territory is developed. The process of preparing the necessary documents has begun for the connection of electrical equipment of the enterprise HEAD Vinnytsia LLC to the transformer substation TP 986 of Vinnytsia Industrial Park” – informed the director of the Department of Economy and Investments of Vinnytsia City Council Maksym Martianov.

Department of Economy and Investments notes that after completing all the necessary documents, HEAD Vinnytsia LLC will receive the necessary electrical capacity to start and effectively implement the construction works. Successful implementation of a project and put into operation a modern plant for production of the equipment for winter sports by the Austrian investor – HEAD company will attract to Vinnytsia Industrial Park powerful investors and create modern productions which will be leaders in the industry and will produce the products with high added value.