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Vinnytsia - the city we love!

We do not choose where we born, but we choose where to live. Vinnytsia is a city where you can comfortably work, create, inspire, rest and develop.


Serhii Shakalov

CEO of KNESS Group
Why Vinnytsia? This is the hometown for the co-founders of KNESS. We started 12 years ago here in Vinnytsia. In 2009, we established a design and consulting company in the energy sector, which had about 10 employees. In 10 years we have grown to an international group of companies that covers the entire cycle of clean electricity supply: from the design and construction of solar power plants, to the manufacture of equipment, service, innovation in our R&D Center, supply and trading of electricity.

Gerald Skrobanek

Chief Operating Officer of HEAD Group
HEAD Group has considered dozens of different locations to place the plant for the production of winter sports equipment. From the list of sites in Ukraine and abroad, we have chosen Vinnytsia, as a perfect spot for the new HEAD Group facilities. That was possible due to the combination of factors that are of high importance for us ...

Hunder Andriy

President at American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine
Vinnytsia is a really wonderful example of attracting investments. The main thing for it is building of communication and trust. We can see it regarding on examles of companies who already work here. If we will ask them why they are here, they will answer that it's because everything is super, it...

Tyshchenko Oleksandr

Executive director of Delphi (2017-2020 years)
Delphi has chosen Vinnytsia from ten locations for doing business in Ukraine. Vinnytsia people are positive and persistent. We noticed it and it was also noticed by all investors of the city. Young people come to work as ordinary employees, and in a year or two become leaders and manage a team of...

Humennyi Ihor

Founder and president of UBC Group
Among the Ukrainian cities, Vinnytsia is the most approximated to European standards. In 2014, when we were searching for a location for a new company, we visited Lviv, Lutsk, Zhytomyr and Cherkassy. When we ariived with an investment proposal to Vinnytsia, Mayor Sergei Morgunov and Valeriy...

Myslyvyi Petro

General Director of Agrana Fruit
AGRANA FRUT LTD Ukraine has been operating in fertile lands of Vinnytsia for more than 20 years. The main areas of activity of the enterprise are: processing of fruits and vegetables, production of frozen, aseptic products and fruit fillers. Located in the center of Ukraine, Vinnytsia is well...

Ponomarchuk Viktor

Founder and chairman of the board of directors of the industrial group ViOil
Our company began to work at 90's. Vioil was the first in Ukraine who began to produce rapeseed oil. Today we are the world leader in production of sunflower oil and export it to dozens of countries around the world. I believed in this business from the start and I was sure, in my choice, to...

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