The person who registers the company
11steps Not a Resident
A person who wants to start an activity in an industrial park

Documentation of foreigners

1Crossing the border - registration at customs
  • Result:
  • Obtaining a visa
2Search for housing
  • Result:
  • Registration of residence to obtain temporary residence permits
3State Migration Service
  • Result:
  • Obtaining a temporary residence permit
  • Result:
  • Stamp of registration of residence
5State Fiscal Service
  • Result:
  • Individual tax number

Company registration

1Deciding on the establishment
  • Result:
  • Constituent document (Charter)
  • Minutes of the General Meeting
  • Order appointing a director
2 Making a decision on registration
  • Result:
  • Application for registration
3 Carrying out state registration
  • Result:
  • Extract from the Unified State Register
  • Description of the state registrar on the date and time of receipt of documents and access code
  • Registered constituent document (charter / memorandum of association / constituent act / regulations)
  • Assignment of the USREOU code
  • Registration with statistics bodies
4 Registration in the State Fiscal Service
  • Result:
  • Registration by the payer of the single social contribution (automatically through the USR in step 3)
  • Registration as a VAT payer
5 Production of the seal
  • Result:
  • Certified manufactured seal
6 Opening a bank account
  • Result:
  • Open a bank account

Information about the industrial park:

Vinnytsia Industrial Park was created by the decision of the city council on June 27, 2014. №1750. On the territory of the industrial park there are a number of preferences of national and local level for the participants established by the current legislation (privileges on customs payments, the land tax and rent rates). The management company of Vinnytsia Industrial Park, a utility company> Vinnytsia Municipal Innovation Center, provides support to investors at all stages - from the moment of application to the commissioning of production.

Appeal to the city council

* In separate steps you can delegate authority of the management company

1 Appeal to the Department of Economics and Investment
  • Result:
  • Send a questionnaire
2 Meeting and coordination of project details
  • Result:
  • Memorandum of Cooperation
3Signing a memorandum of cooperation
4Acquisition of the status of the participant of industrial park
  • Result:
  • Agreement with the management company on the implementation of economic activities within industrial park
5Preparation of technical documentation
  • Result:
  • A cadastral plan of the land plot has been prepared, which is the basis for the development of technical land management documentation to establish the boundaries of the part of the land plot to which the sublease right (hereinafter - technical documentation), agreed by the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning. Approximate execution time 1 -2 weeks.
6ResultПередача земельної ділянки в суборенду
  • Result:
  • Decision of the city council
7Concluding a sublease agreement with the Participant
  • Result:
  • Contract
8Technical conditions for connection to the networks of the industrial park
8.1Connection to electrical networks
  • Result:
  • Submit an application for admission, as well as an information sheet
  • Issuance of the signed agreement on the transfer by the power transmission organization technical minds
  • Payment for services delivered to electrical hemlines
  • Issuance of a signed agreement on electricity supply
  • Translation of required documents: more details
8.2Connection to the gas distribution system
  • Result:
  • Address to the GDN operator with a statement containing:: list
  • Arranging the contract with the timing operator
  • The process of admission, which can be entered by the operator of the timing for the agreement
  • Nadannya to the operator of the State Russian Museum by the deputy deputy of the documents about the introduction of exploitation of gas fences of internal gas supply
  • Connection about & # 39; єkta deputy to the State Russian Museum
8.3Connection to water supply and drainage systems
  • Result:
  • Submitting an application form
  • Preparing design documentation
  • Announcement of wake-up robots
  • Technical visualization
  • Conclusion of a permanent contract by the owner
  • Termini and partist - to lay down the minds of signing the agreement
9Concluding a contract for the removal of solid waste
10Terms of reference for design
  • Result:
  • Mandatory environmental impact assessment
  • Additional Information
11Obtaining town-planning conditions and restrictions
  • Result:
  • Conclusion from the environmental impact assessment
  • List of required documents: more
12Filing a declaration for the start of construction work
  • Result:
  • List of required documents: in more detail
13Start of construction work
  • Result:
  • Submission of a completed declaration to the relevant state body architectural and construction control
  • Preparation of design and estimate documentation
15Assigning a postal address to a real estate object
  • Result:
  • List of required documents more