Serhii Morhunov presented the investment potential of Vinnytsia at the International Investment Forum

On September 10, the VIII International Investment Forum “Vinnytsia – Business in the Center of Ukraine” was held in Vinnytsia. It was held as part of the conference “UkraineInvest Talks: Vinnytsia”. The issues of investment policy and regional development were discussed during the event. Mayor Serhii Morhunov spoke about the investment potential of the Vinnytsia City Territorial Community.

Vinnytsia has traditionally hosted the International Investment Forum. Among the participants of the meeting were deputies, government officials, heads of investment companies, heads of regional state administrations and business representatives. The forum had gathered Ukrainian and foreign investors. They were present both online and offline. In total, the event brought together about 200 participants from Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Turkey and other countries.

Vinnytsia Mayor Serhii Morhunov noted that the investment forum has become a good platform for business communication. Since the first forum, Vinnytsia has had positive developments. City authorities are actively attracting investments, as economic development is a key priority for the community development.

“Vinnytsia has a favorable location. We have two important routes: GO Highway, which connects Ukraine and Poland, and Via Carpathia, which connects Ukraine and Lithuania. Vinnytsia is the center of the region, which borders seven oblasts and neighboring Moldova. From a logistical point of view, this is an attractive feature for the city. We also have human resources, because this is an important issue for the investor, “said Serhii Morhunov.

The community also has great production potential – there are about 200 different companies. There are three industrial parks in the city: Vinnytsia Industrial Park, Vinnytsia Refrigeration Engineering Cluster (UBC GROUP) and Winter Sport (HEAD GROUP). The city has a high investment attractiveness in the IBI-Rating – at the level of “invA +”). And according to the International Anti-Corruption Organization Transparency International, Vinnytsia took first place in the Rating of Transparency of the Investment Sector. In addition, Vinnytsia became the first city not only in Ukraine but also in Eastern Europe to receive the European Energy Award.

“The KNESS group of companies is currently working on a project to fully supply the industrial park with electricity. All this will be based on the latest technologies. We are currently working with the regional state administration and the regional council to ensure that this project is implemented on the territory of three industrial parks. The amount of investment is not less than UAH 190 million, ”the community leader added.

Also Vinnytsia city is working on the creation of the municipal techno-park “Crystal”. This will be the first such innovation center in Ukraine. Reconstruction of the premises for the techno-park in the largest “sleeping” district of the city is currently underway. In the future, it will become a modern business incubator – a magnet for creative youth. Vinnytsia International Airport is a strategic object for the development of the whole region. The mayor said that the community has been working on its development since 2014. Flights were sent to different countries. Unfortunately, the condition of the runway did not allow the facility to develop further.

“By joint efforts and with the support of the President of Ukraine, we managed to keep Vinnytsia Airport in the list of the target state program of airport development for the period up to 2023. This week, we received confirmation of UAH 135 million for the start of the runway reconstruction project. And next week, all production facilities will be on site to begin work. Vinnytsia City Council has undertaken to make a complete reconstruction of the airport and external networks. In parallel with the reconstruction of the runway, we will begin the reconstruction of the airport. For this we took a loan from a state bank. We have to create conditions to accept two flights at the same time. And this is up to 450 passengers per hour, “said Serhii Morhunov.

The head of the regional state administration Serhii Borzov presented the investment potential of Vinnytsia region during the forum. He stressed that this event is a significant event for the whole region.
“It is very important that this year the forum is held in a new format. It provides an opportunity to establish a constructive dialogue between government and business. After all, the development of the region is impossible without investment and the latest technologies. Vinnytsia region is one of the most promising: it is a developed agricultural-industrial, scientific-industrial and cultural-educational center in Ukraine. Partnerships between the government, the public and business have been established here, ”Serhii Borzov said.

Vyacheslav Sokolovyi, Chairman of the Vinnytsia Regional Council, believes that the International Investment Forum is an important tool for shaping the region’s economic development policy. “The government should promote business development. Today we see the success of Vinnytsia in attracting investments not only domestic but also foreign – namely, the created industrial park. Local governments are very constructive in promoting business development in the community. We understand that one industrial park in Vinnytsia region is not enough. Today, active work is underway to create several more industrial parks in the region. We currently have an active discussion with communities. It is very important for Vinnytsia to continue its dynamic development, “Vyacheslav Sokolovyi added.