World leader in the production of sports ammunition “HEAD” intends to invest in Vinnytsia

On May 4, 2018, at 13.30 in the White Hall of the Vinnytsia City Council was the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between HEAD, represented by Johan Eliasch, Vinnytsya Regional State Administration, Vinnytsia City Council and ME “Vinnytsia Municipal Innovation Center” (” VMCI”), with the participation of Director of the Office of Ukraine for the Involvement and Support of Investments, Danylo Bilak.

“By signing this memorandum we are making the first step in cooperation with the well-known company “HEAD”. This is a historical moment, and I hope that this cooperation will continue with concrete issues. For my part, as the city mayor and representative of the Vinnytsia team, I acknowledge the gratitude for the beginning of this work and guarantee that our team will do everything to ensure that for any investor, including the company “HEAD”, will be comfortable to conduct business and create jobsi n Vinnitsa”- said during the signing of the Memorandum Vinnytsia City Mayor Serhii Morgunov.

The head of Vinnytsia regional administration Valeriy Koroviy believes that the signing of Memorandum with the “HEAD” company, world leader in manufacturing of sports equipment, and further construction of the enterprise, will give one more impetus in development of the region’s economy. “This is one of the first steps of a new strategy in diversify the economic potential of the Vinnytsia region, creation of high skilled jobs and high-tech manufacturing, implemented by the city council and the regional administration. Today we are actually opening a new historical page of development of Vinnytsia and the region. Therefore, I would like to thank our partners for the Memorandum for the productive first phase of negotiations, “said Valeriy Koroviy.

Chief Executive Officer of HEAD, Johan Eliash, said: “We visited a lot of countries, looking for the best place to expand production. I want to say that after such a long search, we chose Vinnytsia as the most successful place for our company’s location. We see here a great human potential, a favorable location of Vinnytsia and the region and feel that we are really very welcome guests here.”

Effective support in arrangements with the investor on the implementation of the project was carried out by the UkraineInvest investment attraction office.

“Involving of such magnitude investor as HEAD is very important for Ukraine, not only contributing to the creation of high-value-added manufacturing and jobs, but also associates Ukraine with an investment-friendly environment for world-known brands,” said UkraineInvest Director Danylo Bilak.

In case of a successful implementation of the project, HEAD will consider the possibility of involving some of its teams in field of creative, research and information and communication technologies in Vinnitsa, taking into account that Vinnytsia is the sixth largest in Ukraine by number of IT specialists.